Tumor screening

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Product characteristics
1.Quantitative detection
Each tumor marker kit include at least five different concentration of calibrators, so as to obtain accurate standard curve. The concentration of target antigen can be calculated accurately from the curve, so quantitative detection realized. There are two bottles of high and low concentration in each kit (except  SCC and NSE), to achieve internal quality control of detection.

2. Biotin- streptavidin reaction system

 Per molecule streptavidin can combined with four molecules of biotin. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B group within the small molecules, and has extremely high affinity with streptavidin. This design can significantly improve the response sensitivity.
Globally recognised superior antibodies
Each of the tumor marker adopt two different high specificity , high affinity monoclonal antibody researched and manufactured by Sweden CanAg company, capture antibody and tracer antibodies against different epitopes respectively of the same antigen. Fundamentally guarantees the high sensitivity and specificity of the reactions.
4. Classic 96 wells microplate enzyme immunological method
The microplate can be split optionally , flexible operation. especially suitable for the batch detection (the whole plate detection can detect about 88 specimens in addition to the standard and quality control). the larger the sample quantity, the average detection time shorter. All components ready for use (freeze-dried power standards and controls from part of the producing need to be dissolved before using). conventional operation of   enzyme immunoassay, simple and convenient.

The required equipment for carrying out project
 1.  microplate shaker

Shaking should be medium to vigorous, Straight and level oscillation , approximately 700-1100 oscillations/min.
2.  Microplate wash device (optional)
An automatic microplate washer capable of performing 1,3 and 6 washing cycles with a minimal fill volume of 350Ul/well/cycle. An 8-channel pipette with disposable plastic tips for delivery of 350uL is recommended if an automatic microplate washer is not used.
3.  microplate spectrophotometer

 With a wavelength of 620 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm filter and an absorbance range of 0~3.0.
4.  Precision pipettes
Accurate pipetting 25 mu, 50 mu, 100 mu L L L and 1 ml of liquid receiver, 8 100 mu L pipetting device is speed can improve the experiment.
5. Distilled or deionized water
Used for preparation of wash solution, and redissolve calibrators and controls.


The equipment required for carrying out the project is laboratory conventional equipment, without the need to  increase the experimental equipment specifically, the zero threshold to carry out, save the cost of the laboratory and space, can realize the maximization of the benefits of the laboratory.