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In recent years, cancer has become one of the major diseases worldwide which cause serious damage to the human health and life. People fear cancer intensely, and generally believe that cancer is an incurable disease, which mainly cause from its low cure rate, high mortality and a wide range of distribution.

According to statistics in 2012, the cumulative morbidity of cancer(0 ~ 74 years) is 22.08% , and  cumulative mortality is 12.94% nationwide. Which means that some may have one out of every five people will suffer cancer, some may have one out of every eight people will die from cancer. With the rapid development of society, people's living environment becomes bad, life pressure increases, the diet structure changes ,all of these make incidence of cancer increased year by year, and show obvious younger trend.

The greatest characteristic of malignant tumor is usually no obvious symptoms present in early ,and most of the patients have arrived late while diagnosis, even metastasis have happened, so treatment get difficult, and quality of life get greatly reduced. The choice of therapeutic schedule will get more if cancer could be found in early, and the cure rate and the 5 - year survival rate increased significantly. So, the key to treatment of tumor is early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

At present, the three commonly methods of tumor examination are respectively imaging methods such as computed tomography (CT), immunological methods and pathological methods. CT is a very important method to the diagnosis of tumors, but there are some limitations about its characteristics in used. Pathology method have the highest diagnostic accuracy (close to 100%), but is used to confirm usually and invasive, so the applicability is limited. Immunological method is a biological detection method using small amount of blood in patients, namely tumor markers detection. This method cannot be used to make a definite diagnosis of tumor, but is extremely useful for cancer screening because of noninvasive and good operability characteristics , can also be used for evaluating curative effect , prognosis and recurrence monitoring, etc..

Which people need to make screening with tumor marker?

Not everyone need to screen tumor, experts advise people below to do tumor physical examination:

1. People who smoke for a long time;

2. A family history of malignancy crowd;

3. People over the age of 45 years old ;

4. People with cancer early signal;

5. People who live in the high incidence of tumor areas;

6. People who often touch harmful substances, such as employees of chemical factory, rubber factory, paint factory, etc.;

7. Cancer patients who need to monitor condition and observe curative effect after treatment