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Tumor markers are important indicators of tumor-assisted diagnosis, prognosis, efficacy observation and relapse detection. It is mainly used for the diagnosis of tumor. It can not be diagnosed by tumor markers (or elevation) alone.

As the current commonly used tumor markers in the diagnosis of malignant tumors when the sensitivity and specificity are not high enough, the same tumor or different types of tumors may have one or more tumor marker concentration abnormalities, the same tumor markers can appear in different tumors The In order to improve the diagnostic value of tumor markers and determine which markers to be used as follow-up monitoring indicators after treatment, joint testing can be carried out, but the indicators of joint detection must be scientifically analyzed and strictly screened. In the above premise, a reasonable choice of 2-3 high sensitivity and specificity of the relatively good TM joint detection, effectively improve the detection accuracy at the same time, reduce the patient's economic pressure.

The optimal combination of CanAg tumor markers  detection of recommended:

Types of cancer 
The optimal tumor marker combination
Lung cancer
Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Colorectal cancer
Prostatic cancer
Liver cancer
Breast cancer
Gastric cancer
Cervical cancer