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New Product --- CanAg GPC-3 EIA Kit

康乃格诊断产品(北京)有限公司    2018-06-19    The visit quantity:541次

is a new liver cancer marker detection kit developed by our company. The product is used for the quantitative determination of GPC-3 in human serum in vitro. In the diagnosis of HCC, GPC-3 is highly sensitive to patients with small masses. It may be a standard for early diagnosis of high-risk patients. It is also a supplement to AFP and imaging examination, and a potential marker for therapeutic monitoring. It is also a complement to AFP detection and imaging examination, and a potential biomarker for therapeutic monitoring.


Our company has the intellectual property rights to detect GPC-3 in serum, plasma and other body fluids in vitro. Currently, this kit is for scientific research use only.